LA Saves Track is a mission to bring sport to youth in underserved communities. It is built off of collaboration between LaRue’s Crew - a 501(c)3 nonprofit built to provide sport to High Schoolers in underprivileged areas, and Questify - a startup platform revolutionizing fundraising through sport. The combination allows the mission of LaRue’s Crew to be accelerated via Questify’s platform. Thus was born the idea of building a track for one of the most underserved schools in the Los Angeles area.

Why we joined the project: 

Our introduction to the project started with the Venice Run Club. Where every Wednesday, 100+ local west side LA young adults get together and do a sunset run with a pitstop underneath the iconic Venice sign. We heard the story of LA Saves track and had to be apart of it. It's here where the connection was made, and the rest is history. This same experience, making connections with your peers, finding a new passion or project to work on is what  LA Saves Track and Rebody want to bring to these well deserving kids. 

Not only are we an LA based brand with a mission and resources to support our community, we fully believe that everyone deserves the experience of building healthy habits and friendships through sport and education. We want to help lay the foundation of a fun and active lifestyle for the next generation. Hopefully, we'll help them discover new passions and build a strong tight knit community throughout the journey. 

So join us! There are so many ways to get involved and support this project.

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